Hi Everyone,

What an exciting day! Feels like some of this work is finally paying off! Emails and messages are flying in from all over the place! Had a wonderful meeting with GS this morning. Brent is home 🙂 🙂 and we met with the case manager, the VP, their attorney and some other fancy pants. Needless to say, they accepted Mom back into their facility immediately and she has 2 weeks there from GS. During this time we hope to find a suitable place for her and get things squared away with Aetna, BOA, and whatever else we need to do to get the additional 93 days of rehab. BTW people, that is all we are asking for. The 93 days of rehab we think she is entitled to in a skilled facility that is acceptable. I would not leave Squirt at Valley Manor.
Then we went to Valley Manor. We had a list a mile long of issues we wanted to address with them at the “family meeting”. Valley Manor was undergoing a “surprise” inspection which started on Sunday afternoon. Coincidence? Maybe. Anyway, a very nice woman from the department of health pulled me aside. She had ALL of my issues with her and we addressed them one by one by one by one! She seemed as appalled as we were and told us she needs to PROVE all that we discussed for it to count as a strike against them. She wanted my Moms file, but she was unable to locate it at the time of our discussion. And she brought additional things to our attention that we didn’t even think were issues. She also surprised me by saying Valley Manor has come a long way. Holy MOLY I would not have wanted to see it before.
Had a BS meeting with the people at Valley Manor. They were scrambling and knew they were in hot water. Did not address our issues ~ did not feel the need. Thanked them for their time, and ran out the door with Moms things 🙂 She is happily situated in room 406 at GS. She even looked better when I saw her there this afternoon. She confirms daily, that we are doing the right thing for her. Sometimes, well, most times we are exhausted, all used up and ready to give up…but when we see her, she instantly makes all of this worth it times 100.
I have been promising her I was going to get her out of there yesterday or today, even if I needed to call 911. When I walked in today Mom was getting cleaned up and her and her roommate asked if today was the day. When the person cleaning Mom up left the room, I said shhhhhhhhhh but YES! Today is the day, you are heading back to GS but keep it quiet until I get things worked out. The smile on her face was priceless 🙂 🙂 I no sooner turned around, the lady walked in to continue what she was doing and Mom yelled, guess what? I am going to Good Shepherd today! Holy MOLY Mom! The lady was MAD and freaking out and I ran out of there laughing my butt off! Somethings will never change!
Sorry for the novel but I am checking with the fire company about the bake sale, raffles, donations boxes, volunteers and whatever else I can think of. When I hear back from them I will pass the info on to you!
And FINALLY, my KU Family is hosting a volleyball game to benefit my dear Momma. It is October 26th at 7:00 in the Keystone Arena at Kutztown University. They will be doing a raffle to raise money. If anyone could help think of donations to raffle that would be fantastic! Guys, I am so thankful for each and every one of you. The outpouring of support has blown our minds. UNREAL! There are such wonderful people out there and I am so fortunate to know so many of them 🙂 It just doesn’t feel like enough but thank you all for everything. Wether you have forwarded my pleas, called on the phone, said a prayer, made a donation…whatever, THANK YOU!
Love you guys!
Sorry BOA peeps! I’ve been black listed! Not sure if you will get this! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Must be doing something RIGHT!

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