Hi friends,

Just a little information from the fire company to pass along answering some questions:
1.  yes, we can get baked goods to sell.  The Ladies Aux. has a bake sale every month.  The money made at the bake sale will be donated to your mom.  If anyone wants to bake they should have their goods to the fire company no later than 8AM that day or I can have them drop them off on saturday.  We can be sure someone is there that Saturday for any drop offs.
2.    Volunteers will be needed.  at the last breakfast fundraiser we had tables set up in the engine room also so we could serve more people.  we also had people cooking outside to help with the demand.  we always can use more volunteers.  We need coffee servers, diswashers, prep etc.   Please provide a list of people coming to help out.  They should be at the fire cmpany by 7:30 Am that day.  If they want to come later and help with clena up that is always needed too.  Clean up will begin around 12:30.  The more the merrier!
3.    If you guys want to make a donation box to put on the table where people pay when they come in, that would be great.  Kee p in mind their are tip cans on the tables of which all tips go to your mom.
4.    If there are any larger groups of people coming, then try and get a count of how many and what time.  We can try and have seats together for them.  People who want to sit together must come in together.  Sorry if you try and “save” seats for people it always creates confusion so we do not do that.
5.  If you would like to make some sort of signs to hang up at the October breakfast with your moms picture…and maybe note “the coffee” lady on them, we can hang them to let people know that the November breakfast will be for her.
Please contact my awesome Sister-In-Law, Jenny if you plan on baking, if you plan on volunteering (and what times), if you can make a donation box…whatever. Please let her know and she will pass it on the the fire company! I am not so sure about a raffle because of limited space. Talking with my Coach to see if the raffle items would be better suited there. Will report back. But love all of your wonderful ideas!
*FUN FACT* does anyone know how my family got involved with this wonderful fire company? Ohhhh, it was right after I burnt a little corn field down when I was in the 7th grade. Just tried to start a harmless little camp fire…in a drought! Good times! 🙂
We are still in the middle of a big fat mess. Spoke with many good, desirable, well ranked, capable rehab facilities these past few days. They said it sounds like a great match! Today Lehigh Center and Phoebe even went to visit Mom! However, once GS faxes them her documentation, they all deny her. Back to square one. Is it just me, or aren’t you guys wondering what is in those documents that no one will let me see? NOT ONE REPUTABLE FACILITY WILL TAKE HER. And Aetna, once again, is only going to approve her for 7 days once we do find a facility. I am pretty sick of this whole entire nightmare. I am exhausted with chronic headaches. I am beginning to lose my patience and my MIND! And this is no way to live our lives any more. We are seeking legal council tomorrow. It is unfortunate we need to go this route, and spend more money…but this is bigger than Brent and I and we are at a loss. We have been communicating with the attorney general and some government officials who seem very promising! But besides that, we are at a loss. I can not think of anything else we can do, besides arrange private payment at a reputable facility for the 100 days so we can get everything situated. Once Mom is situated, we are hoping to get our lives situated.
Thank you all for everything. Have a good one, and if I don’t write tomorrow or this weekend ~ it is because I am trying not to think of this for a little while. Does not mean anything more, or anything less!

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