7/20 Nightime

Hello guys,

Today was another rough one. Went in expecting a fever and some swelling. Both of her eyes are now swollen shut and she has a fever of 103. Plus, her brain was in ‘active spasm’ this morning resulting in another surgery. I guess this was also expected, but it is so hard to never know what you are walking into at 8:00 in the morning. She had surgery from about 10:30 to 1:30 today. The blood vessels in the right side of her brain we constricting and limiting blood flow. They went up into her brain through an artery in her groin (amazing right) and put medication directly into the spasming veins. Spasms too sever can cause more brain damage or stroke. She was in moderate spasm, whatever the hell that means. They thought the spasms were a more pressing issue at this time and will be taking greater action to lower her fever tomorrow. The Dr. said we should not be too shocked if she needs this surgery again as soon as tomorrow. We went from lets take things day to day yesterday to lets take things minute to minute today. Very disheartening. I asked the Dr. about 100 questions this afternoon, to which his response was only time will tell. I know it hasn’t even been a week yet but I am getting pretty sick of that answer. Keeping a positive attitude. Hoping to see her beautiful eyes open up monday or tuesday (that is my own goal for Mom…not sure what is realistic). Other than that, I am enjoying time with my wonderful husband and squeezing the heck out of my perfect little babies in the free time. So good to see there little faces. Max actually told me to stop kissing him today….fat chance kid 🙂 It is also good to see so many loving faces, I just wish to God it was under other circumstances.
It’s friday! Drinking a few glasses of well deserved wine (THANKS LARRAINEY). Hope you are all doing something wonderful as well.
Good night 

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