Hello everyone,

Today was a carbon copy of yesterday. Had another surgery, through her artery to open the veins in her brain and reduce spasms. Her fever was much lower today which is wonderful. She is starting to fill up with fluids which is kinda freaking me out, but I guess it is expected. The swelling in going down in her left eye and hopefully will start to go down in her right eye tomorrow. She has been pretty drugged the last two days so we haven’t seen to much out of her. I am hoping her spasms calm down (but are common for the 1st 12 days). After the spasms go away we can really work on waking her up and pushing her to some new limits. She is getting blood (2 units today). Her blood levels are a little strange and they ruled out almost all possibilities so they are thinking this is just something her brain is doing to protect her?! PLUG – donate blood if you can. This waiting and waiting is getting to me big time. I want answers, I want to know what the future is going to look like, and I am sick of the whole minute to minute day to day garçon BUT that is where we are at at this point.
Having my 3 best friends from elementary school over right now for a cook out and to have all of our babies play. There are 5 kids under 3 running around and it is pretty awesome. Nothing can raise your spirits like babies and some great friends.
Thank you all and please keep those prayers coming! Good night!

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