Hello all,

Well it has been a week since this has happened and it truly feels like a eternity. I miss talking to/seeing my Mom just about every minute of the day. BUT I felt very positive about everything today which I really needed 🙂 Her fever was much lower, 99-ish today so that is good. She didn’t need any new units of blood today, also good. She did receive some plasma but they say this is because the brain is doing some strange unexplained things ~ nothing to really worry about. Her swelling went down tremendously so it is a lot easier to see my Mom in her again. And best of all, her she did not need any medication for the spasms in her brain. She did go to IR, and Dr. Shaff did go up through the artery to check things out, but because she has been responding so well to her last 2 treatments, he did not feel that further action was needed at this time! Today was a good day!
I am hoping we go in tomorrow and she doesn’t need the procedure in IR because her brain is not spasming, her fever stays down, they get her blood deal straightened out and we see her eye balls! Lofty goals yes, but if anyone can do it it is our Momma!
Great night with my family, just the 4 of us. I am so lucky to have them. Going to bed this minute! Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday! The weather was just perfect.

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