Hi Guys,

I screwed up my email group so if I sent to someone by accident, please let me know and I can take you out. Sorry! BUT great news today with her breathing. I was there from 4:00 – 5:30 this evening and she was breathing on her own the whole TIME! In fact, she was breathing since 2:00 PM. That was awesome for her first time off the respirator in a week and a half so I was very happy. Actually, I bawled like an idiot 🙂 She is getting a trach (is that how you spell that?) in her throat tomorrow as a back up. Just like everything when you don’t use something it gets tired! She needs to work up to being able to breathe on her own 100% of the time. She will also be getting a feeding tube. They don’t like all of those tubes down your throat for more than 2 weeks so again, this will be done in her room sometime tomorrow. They are still treating her for C-Diff, and they are getting a little worried about her fever. They are going to run additional tests to make sure, it is in fact her brain causing the temp and not some other bug or condition. Her spasms went down even more today so no need for IR which is also HUGE! And I even got to see her open her eyes myself. Not very long and I don’t think she even saw me but who cares. Her nurse had another patient today which is a small sign for me things are getting better and although I feel horrible for the other person, my Mom is no longer the sickest person on the unit. I was waiting to hear that for some reason. Her blood was taken directly from the drain in her brain and her head is clear of all bacteria and organisms so we are on the up and up! This was a GREAT day. Now, I am not saying she is out of the woods and I need to be (and keep all of you) realistic, but I will take and celebrate what I can get.
Tomorrows goals, a thumb or toe wiggle, hopefully some more breathing on her own and to see those beautiful eyes of hers again…hopefully with some sort of focus.
Thank you ALL for celebrating these milestones with me! Although I am typing this with Max 🙂 I can feel you all rooting with me and praying for my Mom! Thank you so much for your continued support and visiting and cleaning and cutting the grass and watching the kids and the food and cookies…the list goes on and you are appreciated more than I could ever type!
Finally, if you have any kid DVD’s that I could borrow for the kids, that would be GREAT. If I have to watch Toy Story 2 one more time I might jump out of the window. And second, Brent and I would love to clear our heads and go out for a few drinks Friday or Saturday. If someone could just come or refer us to a baby sitter around 8:00 PM and watch the kids (they will be sleeping) that would be so so wonderful. We need a night out of this house. Have a great night!



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