Another day heading in the right direction. Mom opened her eyes todays…a LOT, she even wiggled her toes and fingers on command (right side only) which is huge AND she is still breathing on her own. IT was epic 🙂 She still has a temperature and they are having a really hard time finding the cause. This is no good. PLEASE! If you even have a sniffle ~ do not visit her right now. We need to peg this fever. Once they find the origin, it should be visiting as usual. But again, if you have the slightest sign or even have been around anyone with a cold, for her sake, please do not come until you are 100%. Not trying to be hard core ~ just really want this fever to go away. Her pressures in her brain were also up today which wasn’t that great. Yesterday these pressures were down to 120 (they have been trending down for the past 3 days) today, however, they were back up to about 160. These are the vaso spasms we really want to avoid because they can cause further damage or strokes. But because she was having such great neuro exams (opening eyes, following comments, responding to pain, bright lights…things of this nature) they were not too worried and did not feel the need to send her back to IR (where they go up through the artery and put medication in her brain to keep the vessels open). We will see how tomorrow goes. She will have an ultra sound at 7:30 AM to measure those pressures and make sure they do not go up. And finally, they are for certain doing the trach (sp?) and feeding tube tomorrow. They did not do it today because of her fever. The trach may not ever been needed but will be there just in case she does need it. If she does not use it for 72 hours they will remove it and it will slowly close up on its on. (This grosses me out for some reason). The feeding tube will be in for a minimum of 4 weeks. We started talking with some people from the Good Shepard today about rehab which lifted my spirits. This is moving in the right direction, but again, it is too soon to be out of the woods so please please please keep those prayers coming.
I really miss her. Really really bad.
But what a beautiful day today once again. Hope you all had a wonderful day. Decided to skip going out this weekend so we won’t need that baby sitter after all 🙂 Thanks for all of those offers.

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