Good afternoon!

It has been another fantastic day for Mom so far today. Spent a lot of time with her this morning. When I walked in her eyes were open. Was so excited to see that. And open they remained for 3 HOURS! It was an exceptional visit. She responds so much better to people on her right side. Not convinced she can even hear/see out of her left side yet. But I showed her books, pictures, cards, angels, cell phone pictures, you name it and she seemed loved it ~ I *thought* I even got a little smile! I also asked her a ton on questions too, and she said she is super itchy (the staples are healing in her head) so I helped her out with that and she would not let me turn the country music off to watch the olympics which I thought was funny. It was just so nice to spend time with her all by myself and “talk”, hold her hand, stare at her beautiful face. While I was in there, Uncle Danny and Aunt Robin stopped by and she whipped her little arm up to wave them a big hello so that was cool too. A doctor even came in and they don’t say stuff to give you the warm and fuzzies if you know what I mean so when he smiled and said she is doing great and he was very pleased I bawled like a small child when he left the room. Then I wanted her to go to sleep because she kept yawning and she said she was tired but that little bugger fought sleep the entire time I was there, so I decided it would be best if I left in case I was the reason she was not sleeping. Hard to leave her when her eye are open that is for sure ~ so when my brother came in I sprinted out, and he wasn’t going to stay long because she was tired. Although I am over the moon with the way she is progressing, I have been reminded that she still will have her bad days (I get it) so I need to remind you all that as well. Shooting again for the trach/peg between 2 and 3 today so I will be heading in this afternoon to check on that. That is about it. I could not be more pleased 🙂
Have a great Monday! And please tell everyone you love how much they mean to you because you never really do know what is going to happen in this crazy, unpredictable life  Going to play with my beautiful children.

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