Hi every body,

Sorry I didn’t email yesterday. I just forgot until late and then to be blunt ~ I didn’t feel like it 🙂 But today and yesterday were a lot like Friday which I am happy to report. Fever is steady, she is opening her eyes, nodding her head appropriately, responding to some simple commands with her right side (still haven’t seen anything from her left side yet), and the numbers or TCD’s (daily ultrasound of her head which determines if she needs to go to IR for her vaso spasms) have started to finally go down a little bit again today. The nurse said she even thought she saw her try to smile when she was asking her about the Zac Brown Band. She STILL hasn’t received her trach and peg yet, and if she doesn’t get it tomorrow I am going to raise a little heck in there because she hates it and they have been threading to remove the tubes for almost a week. She is getting the drain out of her brain because anything in your body too long is a risk for infection. She does great with her nodding when she opens her eyes, however, she does not remember anything that is going on in there right now….which if you ask me, is a good thing. And thats about it! I feel like we are slowly heading in the right direction and can start looking past minute to minute and on to day to day so I am happier. Just excited to get out of the ICU ~ hopefully in 3 more weeks max, because that is not a happy place. I can’t believe it’s only been 2 weeks because if feels like 2 years to me. I miss her a ton and still catch myself going to call her. Soon.
PS ~ I don’t even know how to spell aneurism. Does it have a y?
Thank you all and please continue to pray. I think its working.
Good night 🙂

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