Hi again,

Just wanted to report yet another fantastic day 🙂 God I hope we continue in this direction! Mom did receive her trach and food peg finally. They said it was a good thing she got it done. No DUH! She was pretty out of it last night when I went to see her but she looked great. She looked even BETTER today! When I was there this morning, she was still a little out of it, but I have heard some reports from visitors today which just make me smile…BIG. Please keep those phone calls coming because they make my day and help me feel better when I can’t be there! But eyes open wide, waving, following commands, cracking a smile, nodding yes/no, fever down, blood great, healing nice, TCD’s going down a *little* bit (we really want these to go down)…definitely moving in the right direction. Her ICP’s or Inter cranial pressures are a little high in her brain so they aren’t taking the drain out just yet. She is coughing a lot with her trach so hopefully that has something to do with it. They are watching her and hope to get that out soon. Her arterial in her groin used in IR was also taken out today so they can sit her up so she can look around. They were going to try to turn her trach off completely so she would be forced to breath *completely* on her own so I am excited to hear how that went. And they threw around the work rehab today so hopefully they will get that started soon and even get her eating some real food shortly. We are a LOOOOOOOONG way from where we were a week ago! So let’s keep those prayers coming and hope we make just as big of a leap forward this week! Can’t thank you all enough for all of your prayers. For a little bit I questioned all faith, but I’m starting to realize we are being heard loud and clear 🙂
Have a good night!

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