Hi Friends,

Sorry I didn’t write this weekend. As this goes on longer, I am having a harder and harder time dealing with it all…and I miss her so so much. Just needed a little time to re-group. Nothing bad happened. Mom is still at the hospital. The doctor that performed her craniotomy wanted to give her a cat-scan today to make sure everything was still going ok because of the way she acted Tuesday (Super Crazy) and Wednesday (Super Tired). Cat-scan came back fine and tomorrow is the big day (or so they say) that she will be moving to Good Shepard. It will probably be in the afternoon, so if you were planning on visiting, the morning will be best. Once I receive her new address, info and visiting information I will pass it on to all of you. I heard she will have very busy days which is exactly what I want for her. As far as she goes, she looks exactly, and I mean exactly like my Mom, which is what I am having a hard time with. When I go in there, and she makes some of her facial expressions, I just expect her to jump up and tell me this is all a sick joke. She doesn’t. She has been awake every time I have been there with the exception of wednesday so I am thankful I get to spend time with her. We look at a lot of pictures, I tell her stories and all about the olympics and what the family is up to, just keep it light. She loves the pictures and really looks at them hard. Sometimes she smiles, sometimes she shakes her head, sometimes she looks confused. During my visits she seems to know some things and responds appropriately, but just to see what I am dealing with I ask her if she knows my name and she says no. Today I asked told her I was her daughter and she said no, with a confused yeah right look on her face ~ she did not believe me. But she looks at me different than she looks at the nurses and mouths I love you and blows kisses, however, I do not believe she knows that she is my Mom. But she responds to the name Mom when I call her so I don’t really know what is going on. I guess it will help when she is strong enough to talk to know what she is thinking. It is all a big guessing game right now. Got sick of her hair all different lengths and her nurse got me a pair of scissors so I gave Mom a little trim today. She really rocks the short hair. Her beautiful face just blows me away. And that’s about it! Hopefully I will have some good stuff to report tomorrow night!
Had a wonderful weekend with the family! Baby showers, muskiest, iron pigs, friends, family! So much to be thankful for 🙂 Have a great night.



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