Hi Guys,

I didn’t know how today was going to go and I was pretty much a mess leaving her there last night. I couldn’t wait to see her this afternoon and I was *pleasantly* surprised when I got there. She was in pants and a shirt, sitting in a wheelchair with her cute pink helmet on wide awake! So it was nice to see her in some clothes and up. Spoke with her physical therapist, and as expected, she is very tired and extremely weak. Her muscles are so atrophied that she really can’t even keep her head up. This is all normal for someone of her age to be laying in bed for a month. Side bar ~ I can not believe it will already be a month tomorrow, but another part of me feels like its been a year! They tried to have her sit up, tried to have her stand, tried all different things and she just doesn’t have the strength. They also tried the paci muir (cork in trach) to get her to talk but she was coughing too much and coughed it right out so they will try again tomorrow. I meet with her case manager tomorrow at 3:30 so I will be anxious to hear what she has to say. Every thursday GS has a meeting with everyone involved with her care. Then her case manager will relay the information to me, which I will then pass on to you. By Thursday they will already have an estimated discharge date so we shall see. It’s only the 1st day but I am pleased and impressed with the place so far and hope it continues this way! The respirator guy told me I was the 4th face he saw in there today with a huge smile on his face. Thank you everyone 🙂 and Mom thanks you too.

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