Hi Friends,

Saw Mom today. Brought her some clothes to wear. It will be nice to see her in some of her own stuff. Other than that, she was pretty much the same as yesterday. *Seems* to be speaking somewhat appropriately from what I can lip read, but I am still anxiously waiting for her to speak so I can know for sure. I met with her doctor today ~ she was very nice but it is too soon for her to really tell me anything. This is only her second whole day there. They will have her meeting tomorrow and her case manager, and Pat will relay the info to me. Anxious to hear what they have to say, but again, probably not too much since she was not there very long. I think I will only be writing about once a week now or when there is something exciting to report. But please, keep visiting, keep praying, and as always, let me know if you have any questions.
Side note ~ It is still recommended that we wear gloves and the plastic cape thinger when we are visiting. I just wore the gloves today. She is still a contact risk because she has an infection in her sputum that may still be contagious. They have been treating her forever so I am not sure how it can be, but if you are worried ~ please put the stuff on outside her door.
Thanks guys!

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