Happy Friday,

Mom was moved to the 4th floor of Good Shepard today, room 401. She is now in the brain injury unit as opposed to the stroke unit where she has been. She went to the stroke unit 1st because they were waiting for a bed in the brain injury unit. The phone number there isΒ 610-776-3538. She is on a secure floor, but anyone can visit. Same visiting hours 10 am to 8 pm. If you are visiting during therapy hours, therapy comes first (this is what I was told tonight, but I am sure you all knew that :). You are always welcome to help out with therapy, however, if she isn’t paying attention because you are visiting they will ask you to step out. And finally, please don’t let anyone out of the unit with you because this is the brain injury unit. People will try to escape I guess, some people will make noises, some people will get lost and waltz in your room. Kinda freaked me out too, but none of these things happened while I was there tonight πŸ™‚
Spoke to her respiratory guy tonight. She is doing excellent and by midweek they hope to have her trach corked. By next friday they are hoping to remove the trach all together. Had a super awesome visit with her last night. She was talking to hard she started beeping! A few actual words came out. One of which was ‘bullshiter’ which is what she called my dad while he was visiting. She may have some head trauma but she can still call a spade a spade πŸ™‚ *just kidding dad*. She also told me she had this happen to her because her brain was so full, AND proceeded to tell me that I was from an orphanage. Long story but she was being hilarious. I think I laughed the entire visit! Today she was good, but tired. Still mouthing words but not so forcefully or clear. And she was especially tired. She is still confused do not get me wrong ~ for example, she told me Heather from work came to visit and I was so excited, I called and texted Heather, but she did not visit 😦 BUT she still has her sense of humor for sure. I am so happy about that. And is it SO good to see her smile. I will be there tomorrow morning and sunday afternoon, but we are spending the night in carlisle. It will be nice to get out of here for a night. BUT if you visit her and see she still has her staples, please tell them to remove them! I told LVH before we left and they didn’t remove them. And I have been telling GS since monday and they have not removed them. They are starting to grow skin around them….gross. Also, she really likes to have her hand held πŸ™‚
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Thanks, as always for all of the prayers and visitors! It really is working πŸ™‚

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