Hi guys,

Mom is back in the NSICU. Her room number is 225. Kinda feels like we never left. Remember when I said last week that mom was awesome on wednesday and then really really sleepy on Thursday? Well things got a little worse for her ~ her blood pressure started rising and her head started to look a little swollen over where that piece of her skull is out. Started looking like that piece of her skull was put back in, meaning there was pressure building in her head. So GS had her taken to the emergency room at about 2:30 AM on Friday. She was in the ER for the better part of Friday. While in the ER mom had *at least* one seizure. I was there for it and couldn’t tell it was really going on. Gave her a cat scan and EEG and hooked her up with a bed in NSICU. While in NSICU her blood pressure was good, however, her neuro exams were declining (meaning she wasn’t really following commands) and she was extremely tired with her head still looking swollen. Today Dr. Campbell decided it would be best to put the drain back in her brain to relieve some of that pressure. The good and the bad is that not a lot of fluid came out of the drain (good) but then why did her head swell/was she so sleepy (bad). They are going to keep her and watch her for a few days and see what happens with the drain. During this time they may decide that she needs a permanent drain which would be internal and drain down into her stomach. The other theory here is that she could have a UTI which caused this whole mess and they will have those results back tomorrow as well. It’s a sit and wait kind of deal. They did place her back on the respirator for todays procedure but are hoping she is off of it and breathing on her own as early as tonight.
Kinda knocked the wind out of our sails to tell you the truth. Didn’t expect this at all, especially with the way things were with her on Wednesday. It was the best I have seen her in 30+ days. Someone said that could have been a sign this was coming ~ drastic change. I do not know. All I do know is that this sucks. But it’s just another bump in the road and we will keep on keeping on. Prayers still needed and hopefully this will be the last setback, but I guess this shows us we need to be prepared for anything and reinforces the long road mom is up against.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend filled with fun, laughter and loved ones 🙂

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