Good evening or morning!

Today was a much better day than yesterday. She is completely disconnected from everything except for some saline which they drastically reduced (125cc to 45 cc ~ not sure if cc is the right abbreviation or if I just made that up :). When she no longer needs saline she will be moving to Good Shepard!! That is amazing news! She is also still connected to the breathing machine via her trach, but she breathes a LOT completely on her own with just humidified oxygen blowing in her trach! Her staples will be removed tomorrow and she was fitted for a helmet today to protect her head (the area where her skull was removed) ~ which she will also be receiving tomorrow. NO helmet jokes people! She seemed better to me today. I kissed her on her cheek and she even make a kissing sound (twice) so that was cute. We need to stay positive and upbeat in there now more than ever because she may start to remember this time now and she will probably start to get a little frustrated and even a little sad/mad at her situation. We need to remind her that this is temporary and remind her to stay positive and strong so she can continue to fight through this. I just love her so much and I have made it a new goal of mine to hear her voice by Christmas. What  GIFT that would be 🙂 Fingers crossed!
Thank you as always, for all of your thoughts, stories and mostly prayers. Let’s keep those babies coming so we can keep this heading in the right direction.
Good night.

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