Hi friends,

Today was another great day for mom, and a really tough day for me. She is by all accounts doing much *better*. Her TCD’s are still slowly declining, her fever is stable, her C-Diff is clearing up, looking more like herself…everything is going in the right direction. She even breathed all by herself today. I was a little nervous when they were disconnecting her trach, but she did fantastic! Made me happy! So happy. Then 2 ladies from the Good Shepherd came in to sit her up! Put her legs over the side of the bed and she could almost completely support herself. I ran in the room to see her as fast as I could. She had a strange look on her face, but my smile was as big as ever and the ladies were so excited too, saying look who’s here to see you, a special guest! She looked right at me and the ladies asked her if she knew me, and she shook her head no. Then the ladies asked her if she wanted to know me and she shook her head no again. Needless to say, Brent said he actually saw my heart get crushed before his very eyes ~ guess I am not as good of a faker as I thought I was. Actually, it still feels like that a little bit. BUT I know this isn’t about ME and we are really in the beginning of this recovery. It just took me back and I am hoping this was a fluke because I know she had a lot of good visits today and yesterday. I was just reminded, yet again, how far we have come and how FAR we need to go. I guess I am sharing this for 2 reasons, I feel like this is some sort of strange therapy typing this email to you all, and because I don’t want any of your feeling to be hurt if this happens to you. I am looking forward to seeing where tomorrow takes us!
That is all for now. Have a good night 🙂

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