Good Evening/Morning,

Mom is still doing fan-freaking-tastic 🙂 Had 3 exceptional visits with her over the past 3 days. She is laughing, joking, smiling, starting to remember, singing songs on the country music station, trying to slap me around. It is incredible. NOW, she is still confused and by no means is she back to 100%, and she may never be ~ but again, I can see and hear my *old Mom* and I am so full of joy I could just pop. I get scared to say things like that, for fear of more disappointment but that is just the way I choose to live my life 🙂 Can’t help it. I said I can hear her, again, I am reading her lips the best I can and am starting to get more and more of what she is saying. Can’t remember if I typed this in the last email but she knows we can’t hear her ~ she asked me. She can hear what she is saying in her head when she tried to talk, but because of the trach, nothing is coming out. So this is the quietest she has ever been 🙂 Brent told her he never thought he would have to say he can’t wait to hear her voice again (very sarcastically) and boy did she laugh 🙂 She has been cleared of C-Diff and her sputum infection so no gloves or cape-thingers. Please just don’t visit her if you are sick. Tomorrow she will have hopefully her last procedure for a while. She is getting a shunt, so the fluid will drain directly into her stomach. She will be getting this tomorrow morning, and again, this will be permanent. She will probably be very sleepy tomorrow as she is on all days she has procedures. Friday she is going to meet with some people to work more on swallowing some food. And they are hoping to get her back to GD as soon as monday! So keep those prayers coming, please keep those visits coming and lets keep her spirits up. She has been so awesome, however she did tell me today that she was a little sad. She sad tomorrow will be a better day 🙂
Have a wonderful night or day! 

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