Hello 🙂

Had a great couple of days with Mom. She is doing much better. I need to still warn those of you who haven’t seen her since she received her shunt ~ it looks a little scary, however, they are checking her ventricles every day via cat scan to make sure the right amount of fluid is still in her brain. Yesterday I was there when she tried to talk with her paci muir. It did not go well. You have to take a deep breath in a speak your words out (I think) so the valve only lets her breath one way though her trach. Well she did NOT like the way this felt. So, I said it looks like she’s choking to which I heard her say, if feels like I am choking…LOL…but at least I heard her say something! We will try again eventually. We were going to try again today but she asked not to. I am a little concerned at her excessive sleepiness today (she slept ALL day and the last time she did this, we were sent back to the hospital from GS) but no one else seemed to be so I am hoping this is no big deal. She seems to be remember more and more which makes me so happy and excited. She even asked for me to bring Max into see her 😦 She will hopefully be moving back to GS as soon as tomorrow! She doesn’t really want to go, but tough boogers! We need to whip that skinny butt back into some sort of shape 🙂 That is all for now!
Enjoying whats left of the weekend with my family (and some preseason football) before Brent heads to Louisiana for the week 😦

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