Hi friends,

Just needed to report that my Mother is a freaking rock STAR  She is just amazing. Wasn’t tired today at all which I was happy again. Sleepy days make me worry. I always ask a million questions. Today, I asked her what she was to me, my friend, my co-worked…she “yelled” I AM YOUR MOTHER with this look like, you idiot! LOL! She knows what month it is, year it is, her birthday, her kids names (struggled a little with my last name), her grandkids names…she is kicking butt and taking names. Still singing to the radio. Told me she was going back to work (God is she so strong 🙂 reminded me WHO/WHAT I was talking about when I got side tracked, talked with me all about her favorite movies. I mean, if she didn’t get ANY better than she is right now today, I can seriously say I would be ok with that. She is fun, funny, laughing, aware, joking ~ just the most amazing woman I have ever seen fighting her little boney heart out. Gahhhh, I love her. And to save the best for last, during occupational therapy she moved her LEFT ARM AND LEG ~ BIG TIME! Woooot! Raise the roof! I went from thinking she was paralyzed to not putting it past her to walk again. FIRST time I saw her arm move and wasn’t truly sure I ever saw her leg move or if it was hope getting the best of me. Well there was no doubting it today! This lady can move mountain. So fortunate to call her Mom. And she gets so tired, yet she always wants to lift her little arm up and rub my hair…just like she always has. Great, now I am tearing up 🙂 Overflowing with hope and happiness and things in my world are looking a little more bright and colorful 🙂
Hope your day was as wonderful as mine!

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