Hi everyone,

Mom has now moved to the 4th floor of GS, which is the brain injury floor and where she belongs. I am hoping this is her last move for a while. Her room number is 404 and she now has a roommate. Kinda weird, but maybe it is a good thing?! The phone number there, should you need it is 610-776-3538. Visiting hours are the same, 10 to 8. They predict she will be there for 4 to 6 weeks. I was with her during speech therapy today and she did awesome! She did some reading, identified random objects, tried spelling her name with a pen (she spelled it right, she just didn’t like the way it looked and kept scratching it out and would try again). She also answered questions about her biography and general questions. She really did do great. She did seem a little confused today ~ for example I asked if she stood at physical therapy and she was like yeah, I walked, of course I can stand…without a smile. She was serious. And that’s ok! Geez, considering what she went through I will take it, but just wanted you all to be aware that she is doing great but gets confused. She was a little down  today again and worn out. Yesterday though, she was hilarious! I asked her if I could take her outside and she said why, because you want to kill me? LOL. She thought she was hilarious. I told her I was the one who cut her hair in the hospital and she said it must have been a bad hospital, again, laughing away. She was very funny. Still very pleased with her and how far she has come and excited to see how far she is going to go. I get it though when they say this is going to take a year.
Hope you all have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!!!

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