Hello Friends,

Wonderful weekend for Mom (which means me too :). She continues to surprise me every single day. She almost has all of her staples out (but her incision was hurting and itching her a lot today). She continues to only receive fluids to keep her hydrated and food through her feeding tube but that is it! She has been breathing on her own since thursday evening and the respirator machine was taken out of her room, never to return ~ so that was fun to watch! Still talking about maybe moving her to Good Shepard early this week, but you know how hospitals are with time frames 🙂 15 minutes to them is actually 2 hours in real life so we will see! We are anxious to get her out though, just because we want her to start rehab as soon as possible and laying around in a hospital increases her chances of getting sick or catching something.
Some funny stuff happened in there the past 2 days. Yesterday morning I spent a good amount of time with her. Just the 2 of us. It was so nice. I had her bed moved so she can see the TV and look out the window. Don’t know if she does either but it makes me feel good. Turned the olympics on and told her what was going on. Reached over her to adjust the volume and she punched me in the ribs. I said what the heck was that for and she laughed and I laughed and she was waving her fist at me! LOL! She’s a fisty one for sure. More winking, she waved to the respiratory guy like she was in a darn parade, funny faces…the whole nine. It is just funny and amusing at the same time. I continue to show her pictures and videos and books, and sometimes it looks like she recognizes the people in the pictures and sometimes it doesn’t. So one of my best friends laid a picture of my family, Dustin, Me, Dad and Mom on her window sill (thanks Angie :). Today I was telling her who was in the picture…this is me, Dana, your daughter…blah blah blah, and I said if you already know what I am telling you, just give me the finger! Well, she whipped that finger up at me and waved it around high and proud! OMG. I was hysterical! She was really laughing then 🙂 I told her I loved her and she mouthed it back to me and made a kissing sound. It made my heart so happy ~ that I can’t even explain it. Sometimes she just looks at me and smiles and I could just burst into tears but in true Slifer form, I say something obnoxious to prevent myself from doing that 🙂 She seems to appreciate that. I have so much hope in my heart that this is going to turn out better than expected, but always keep the reality of things at the forefront.
Hope you all had a very enjoyable weekend with the ones you love! 

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