Good evening or morning 🙂

Today was good. Mom is about the same as yesterday. The nurse told me they tried to plug up her trach so she could talk, but I don’t think she had any visitors at that time so I am not sure if she didn’t talk because she didn’t want to or because she can’t. I would like to see this for myself. They also tried to feed her but she let it dribble out. If it was Jell-o, she HATES Jell-o. I will have to ask what they tried to feed her tomorrow but she seemed pretty excited when I asked her if she was ready for some ice cream :). Staples are almost all out but again her head hurt so I asked the nurse for some medication. Why I have to ask for her, I am not sure. It seems that her quality of care is declining in my opinion, now that she is stable and people don’t need to be with her constantly. I am ready for her to make the move and I was told again by the PA it would happen sometime this week. But to be truthful, she seemed a little down today. I guess this is normal but it made me sad and I can not stop thinking about her. She just didn’t look as happy as she has been and wasn’t as fun or smiley. It kinda broke my heart so I just kept it light and fun and motivating but it was really hard. We all have down days, I know, but I just wish I could break her out of there sometimes. I also missed her extra today. But chin up and hoping today is better for both of us!
What a beautiful sunset in PA! The clouds looked like cotton candy! Would’ve taken a picture but those darn power lines were in the way 🙂 Have a great night.

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