Jeez, Can’t take my eyes off the women’s beach volleyball teams! Kicking some serious butt!!!

Anyway, Mom is doing great health wise! I was told “soon” again today for her big move to Good Shepard. They want to make absolutely positive that her C-Diff is going before moving her and will get the results tomorrow. Head still hurts her, but asked for pain meds again today and she went right to sleep. It has got to be one whopper of a headache ~ so why not help her out? Mom still seems a little down to me but was told that this is the time people get down, so this is all “normal”. She still is kinda funny though and she is giving those nurses a lot of hell! My brother said she wouldn’t do anything for them this morning and he asked her to do something and she did it right away. Same happened with me, she would not open her mouth to get her teeth brushed, and when they wedged it in her mouth she bit down on it hard and it was stuck, but let me do it twice 🙂 I think it is humorous, but I am sure the nurses don’t. Hope she doesn’t get stuck in the “mean” stage I’ve been reading about but always hoping for the best. I still get a kick out of her and some wonderful smiles. She smiled BIG at a picture of Max today and started rubbing his hair on the picture, then she held it and made a big kissing sound. Had me all emotional again…but that is the norm these days 🙂
We are hanging tough though! Brent flew to Texas today to make sure our house was still standing and needed to start doing some work. Took the kids to Philly to the Please Touch Museum which I highly recommend to anyone with kids! And that is about it! Don’t want these Olympics to ever end! I just love seeing the whole entire world come together! It’s so awesome!
Gonna finishing watching these ladies and hit the hay! Thank you for all of the visitors going to see Mom. Even though it may not be easy, I know it is helping her heal. These next couple months are going to be very hard for her, but they say at the end of 3 months we should have a good idea of what we can expect from her. I am nervous and excited to see where she takes us! Keep those prayers headed her way please!

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