Hi guys and gals,

Sooooo, yesterday was not a good day…flat out. Don’t feel like details are necessary, but Mom was very uncomfortable in her own skin. Did some crazy things and quite frankly, kinda scared me. But she did swallow yesterday when they fed her which is a *good* thing. I am going to leave you with the positive 🙂 Today she was very tired from all of her shenanigans yesterday so she slept basically the entire time I was there. My brother came in for a little too, so she did see us both together which I am sure she appreciates. She slept so much today that they gave her a cat-scan just to make sure nothing happened in the ol’ noggin. Results were clear so that is good. Still talking about moving her tomorrow again ~ if they don’t I may need to start talking to some other people and find out what is going on. My patience these days are a little thin so I am aware this is something I need to work on 🙂 The NSICU is an expensive place to ‘hang out’ and wait for a bed at Good Shepard, so hopefully, we can move her somewhere one way or another. My favorite nurse came in to see if we were there. She had mom at the most critical time, however, she has been out for vacation). She said we have no idea how close to dying Mom was and although I knew this it was something to hear. She was all teary and reminded us (I could tell it was from the bottom of her heart) what a miracle Mom is and what an incredible fighter she is. Still needing those prayers, still hopeful, still keeping positive, still keeping on.
Looking forward to picking up Brent tomorrow and a good weekend with the fam. Have a good one.

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