Hi Everyone,

Well this is an emotional day to begin with! Usually can’t get through this day without crying anyway, and today was no exception. Was struggling with all of this today still, guess it is from the Birthday’s, missing my home/stuff/husband and whatnot, but anyway. Went to visit Mom and while I was going up, she was passing me on a stretcher heading to an ambulance for the ER again. No phone call from GS, no nothing. Completely blindsided. Pretty much lost it. Guess she had high blood pressure. Her blood pressure went down a little with meds. Around lunch time she went in for a cat scan, her fever went back up and she started vomiting. Doctor read scan, nothing showing on that and proceeded to called 911 ~ off she went. (Ironic!) Again, I knew nothing. After she was loaded up and I composed myself and then I *may have* went crazy on the nurses and nurses managers :0) Felt pretty damn good!
Mom is still at the ER. She is having all kinds of tests and scans run. Her blood pressure is going down. Everything looks *good*. Her shunt is ok. Guess they are chalking this one up to a fluke? Uncomfortable with that, but what can you do. I am not at the ER. I feel like crap. This is getting really old. And I am going to try to sleep. My AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL Aunt Sandy is with her, and they are trying to get her back to GS tonight. This is everything I know.
I am not going to watch 9/11 stories, and go through a few thousand tissues 🙂 this is tradition this day anyway. This does not mean I am going off the deep end. However, I do believe my mother may be trying to kill us. ALL OF US. 🙂 Have a good one.

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