7/18 Nightime


Today was a rough one, especially after yesterday, which seemed so wonderful. She had surgery today. I didn’t expect it and I don’t think anyone else in the family did either. In some cases I guess it is necessary to take “a step backward before you can move forward” in the words of my brother 🙂 Mom’s inner cranial pressures (or ICP’s) started to rise at about 6:00 am this morning. Meds were used to lower it but it started raising again. This means her brain was swelling, obviously causing pressure. This is not a good thing. A scan showed that there was what they thought was a huge blood clot in her brain. The plan was to remove part of her skull (sorry if this is to much) try to find a “good” spot to enter the brain if there is one, and remove the blood clot and leave the skull open to give her brain that room to swell. The surgery went well, however, what they thought was a huge blood clot was a small blood clot and a lot of blood and swelling. Blood in the brain is not good. Swelling trapped in the skull is not good either. She is still very very sick. The doctor’s are not sure if she pulls through this what we can expect from her. She is in stable condition. Her heart rate, blood pressure, ICP’s and everything else looked good. She was paralyzed for the surgery but Dustin and Jenny said when they were there she started moving a little bit again. Hopefully tomorrow she will wake up for us and we will be right back to where we were on Tuesday! This surgery was supposed to speed up recovery (she may have been able to reduce the swelling and break up the clot on her own but that could have taken weeks/months), we are glad it is done and it is hopefully her last surgery for a while!
I would like to thank you all for your prayers, messages, emails, texts, well wishes….but mostly your prayers. Please keep those babies coming and I know my mother is drawing strength from them! Thank you also for meals, cards, watching the babies for us and anything else I may be missing. This is a long road and we may need a lot more help along the way. My Mom is not good at asking for help and passed that right down to her kids, however, it is realistic that we may be in touch with some of you in these next weeks or even months. Mom can have visitors again! If you need me to tell you where she is at, let me know. Please try not to call the hospital, again, time on the phone is time away from her care.
Hoping for a much better day tomorrow! 

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