Hi everyone,

I can not thank you all enough for all of your wonderful ideas and encouragement. It has been the hardest two days of our lives. It is a shame that the insurance company caused my family more tears and suffering than the actual aneurysm my Mother suffered did! It is UNBELIEVABLE how our health system works. Brent is absolutely correct in saying, no one cares until it happens to them. So ashamed that I was one of those people. But anyway ~ here’s where we are at. Continued to have Moms information faxed to the skilled rehab facilities last night. Valley Manor in Coopersburg actually sent a nurse to GS to meet my Mother this morning and find out what is going on. After her visit Mom was accepted by by VM. I went and toured it this afternoon. It is not my top choice, but I feel they have good rehab and at this point, we don’t have anywhere else to turn. Tomorrow morning she is getting a shower at 7 AM, at 8:30 AM I asked that she receive a swallow test after I was told she ate half a banana at speech today. And at 10:30 I am supposed to meet Mom at Valley Manor to help get her situated. Finally had someone at Aetna call me back today, and was told by our ‘health advocate” that Aetna has approved 7 days of skilled rehab as a service TO ME to get things situated for my Mom. LOL. Thanks guys!!! How freaking KIND! Susan Geise, Mom’s case manager at GS has been amazing. She is so angry. She is really fighting for my Mom, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to matter. She said we need to continue to fight for her, which is what we are going to do! Aetna said they are not seeing any improvements with Mom, so she no longer needs rehab. REALLY! And any mental improvements do not count. Well, they were ready to kick her out yesterday. If she passes her swallow test tomorrow, doesn’t that prove that she is in fact, still improving? Needless to say, I have no idea what is going to happen at the end of 7 days. I need to compose a well written email and start shooting it off to everyone ~ it is just a matter of time. I have been provided with countless email addresses, please keep them coming. If it takes us dragging our family to the doorstep of Aetna right here in Fogelsville to protest, that is what we will do. Have so many ideas from all of you 🙂 And I pray, that when the time comes that I need your help sending an email or making a phone call you will have my Mom’s back. Remember, this could happen to any of us. Many of you have, but for those of you that haven’t/can’t ~ if you would just see my Mom for 2 minutes, you would know from the bottom of your heart that this is a fight worth fighting. Keep the ideas coming. Keep the prayers coming. And because Valley Manor was not our 1st choice, meaning I am not 100% convinced they are taking Mom for the right reasons or  are the best facility, but at this point we need to give them the benefit of the doubt so PLEASE keep visiting. Now more than ever she needs us to be her eyes and ears. Susan told me that the level of care will decline no matter which place we choose. Scares me. And then tonight I asked Mom (ask her every night and its always the same) if people are taking good care of her and do what she asks (meaning, comes when she calls, get her what she needs) and she said she doesn’t ask for anything because she saw too many shows where people ask for stuff, become a pain in the rear and then are abused! She means it too, she asks for NOTHING. Even if she has a terrible headache, she won’t ask for medicine. She doesn’t want to be a burden 😦
That’s all I have right now!

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