Hi πŸ™‚

I am exhausted. But I wanted to let you all know that Mom is settled in at Valley Manor. I was in her room waiting for her when she showed up! Instantly, the nurses seemed to fall in love with her ~ how could they not πŸ™‚ She DID PASS her swallow test this morning at GS and then she had another at VM! So take that AETNA! She IS getting better every single day. We all know that! We need to spruce up her room big time. It is so old and drab 😦 It was so hard to leave her there today. But I know she is getting lots of visitors and she will be ok. Just can’t wait until we can get her care in her own home. I will feel so much better. In the MEAN time fun things are happening. We are working on a blog! I am excited about it. That way we can reach more people. The folks my Mom works with asked me to start a fund raising website. You might have also seen it on my FB page. I will attach the link as well. I know it seems like a lot but we can get there! Aetna is not off the hook either ~ they are on my radar and I will see what they have to say about Mom passing the swallowing test tomorrow. The breakfast at the Trexlertown fire company on November 11th is so cool and I can’t wait for that! And hopefully I will have another event to announce soon. You all have been amazing. People from different STATES that I have never even heard of are emailing me. It is awesome. I was so upset, dealing with horrible people, day in and day out. I was so depressed at the way we treat each other…until TODAY. You have restored my faith and hope in, not only the wonderful things to come for my mother, but in humanity. And for that I am so so GRATEFUL. Thank you all and good night.

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