Please, send an email to the list below if you have time. You can even use mine from yesterday. Just a few names 🙂
My Mom did not have breakfast today, well actually, they gave her breakfast, threw in on a table next to her bed on her left side, which is paralyzed. She is not able to feed herself. NO ONE CAME IN to feed her either. Later, they came into the room and threw it away. No breakfast. No one to help. It is sickening. She just started swallowing this week and I was told by GS that a speech therapist needed to feed her to look for signs of aspiration. I think a speech therapist has fed her once.
I am getting her out of there tomorrow.
I sent emails to everyone I can think of. Obama, senators, congressmen/women, governors, NY Times, McCall, WFMZ, CNN, the TODAY show, MSNBC, the CEO of Bank of America, the list below…everyone else I can think of!! Please help!

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