Well, Mom is doing great at Phoebe. Says the people are great, the food is the best she’s had and again, if she can’t go home she’s glad to be there. Still talks about her stay at Valley Manor! She doesn’t remember seeing me yesterday but she won’t forget that place! Which reminds me – they are less than pleased with me. Have been asking for Moms medical records since Monday. When I called for them today I was directed to the administrator. Well she wasn’t very nice and I wasn’t in the mood so I word ninja’d her right down into place. Wanted to know if I went public, this, that – I’m giving them a bad wrap, they are changing things around there….blah, blah, blah. She said a lot of people said they like it there, to which I responded I’m sure they do, but they are 86 with dementia and Alzheimer’s waiting to die. My Mom is 57, with a lot of life to live and she needed more than they were willing/capable to provide. My insides were high-fiving! πŸ‘ Didn’t go so hot and didn’t get a call that my records were ready so I’ll be heading there tomorrow. If I don’t end up in the clink by the time this is done, it will be a miracle 😜 Got a phone call from Aetna and we have been assigned another case manager (#3). So I guess I’ll have to give her a call. Insurance Department said they can’t really help me – need to go through all of the appeal hoopla. And the biggest mistake that I made today, which is weighing heavy on my heart, was taking Max into to see his Memaw today. He has just been talking about her so much, last night he saw the flier and said she was so cute and that he missed her. Knew it was a bad idea but people are constantly telling me to do it so I did and it was just wasn’t right. Molly is too little to get it. She was Max’s best buddy. It broke my heart and wasn’t fair to him, her or me. Not again…for a long time. So! That’s that! Probably going back to only updating once in awhile or if something exciting happens! Have a good night and enjoy that 🌞


2 thoughts on “10/10

  1. Diane Weston says:

    Good for you being the word ninja! love that – haha!! If they toss you in the clink, I’ll collect bail money to bust you outta there!

  2. Cc says:

    So what exactly does it feel like when ur insides are high fiving?! Lol u crack me up! Go you for giving them some word ninja-ING πŸ˜‰ I’m sorry the visit with max and memaw didn’t go well :/ thinking of you….keep doing what ur doing, you have moved mountains so far!!!

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