Volley for a Cause!!

Please don’t forget ‘Volley for a Cause’ in two weeks on Friday the 26th at 7:00PM! It’s one of the biggest games of the season for the Kutztown University Woman’s Volleyball Team as they take on a huge rival – the Shippensburg Raiders! Should be a great night and lots of items being raffled! $1 donation for KU students, $3 for other students and $5 for adults to enter the game and raffle! All proceeds benefit my beautiful Momma. So honored that my KU family has stepped up to help my family at such a difficult time. Hope to see you there 😀😀😀

Throwback picture of me and my teammates and life long friends on what is still one of the most memorable days of my life! The day we clinched (actually tied – stupid details) 1st place in the PSAC (PA State Athletic Conference) East for the 1st time in KU history! Still gives me goosebumps! What a day. 💚 Love you girls and thanks Coach!



One thought on “Volley for a Cause!!

  1. Laura Luca says:

    Planning on being there unless Baby Luca decides to arrive early!!! Love you sista!!! Love the pic too!!! : )

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