My BFF ☺

I have been so blessed with friends and family. Here is one of my besties, Marci with Mom. It was her birthday 🎂 yesterday (32 – old fart) and she took off of work – wanted to spend some time with Mom and I. Have cool is that! Love this picture and both of those ladies.

Taking the weekend off and heading out of town. It’s getting a little rough for me the longer this goes on. Lately, I can’t stop crying. Hopefully a weekend with the family (Brent finally for home yesterday 👍) and some fun will recharge my battery and make me feel my age again! I sure hope so. Pumpkin patches 🎃 homecoming came at KU 🏈 fall festivities 🍂 the in-laws and SIL/BIL. Looking forward to it.

Please let me know if you visit Mom. Although I won’t see her I have guilt all of the time and worry about her constantly. Thank you! Have a great weekend! 💚



2 thoughts on “My BFF ☺

  1. CC miller :) says:

    That is such a sweet pic! How nice of Marci. Good friends are the BEST. You are loved indeed. I’ll be here to recharge ur batteries tonight! 😉 😉 LY!

  2. Kim Phillips says:

    Dana, you have the time of your life! You deserve this time to yoruself and know that God has his hand there to guide you through this oh so trying time in your life. She is in good hands and will be just fine! Enjoy the sunshine and festivities!

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