Well, it’s official. Aetna/Bank of America have said that Mom’s last day of coverage for skilled rehab is 10/21. 😡😡😡 I would love to go into more details but I know this blog is being watched very closely. I received a call today from the ‘social media’ department at Aetna regarding this blog and I do not want to say anything that might be used against me. With that being said, we finally received some information we are forwarding on to others that we hope are able to help. We sure do need help. To you and I, my Mother’s progress is unreal! She is a miracle! She went from almost dying, numerous brain surgeries, a come TO eating, reading, writing, talking – EVEN standing, as well all saw yesterday, in a day over three months! Unreal! It gets WORSE! I thought the $348 a day at Phoebe included rehab! Guess again. That is just for room and board! Unbelievable. This whole entire system. Anyway, Phoebe is going to see if we are forced to pay the $348, if Aetna and Bank of America will at least pay for the rehab. We shall see!

Oh, and I picked up the records from Valley Manor yesterday! $165.00. LOL.

Anyway, Mom is well and that’s all that matters. Saw her foot move again tonight. Seemed sleepy but in great spirits! Just love her so much. Boy do I miss her though. I’ve been so busy with this, I feel like I haven’t had a chance to fully accept/process what has happened to her. I’d give anything to hear that beautiful laugh of hers right NOW! 😉 Someday! If I didn’t think she had it in her, I wouldn’t be fighting this darn hard!

On a hilarious note! This is what I came home to tonight after my visit with her! LOL. Cutest little water-tender I ever did see! Cheers!



9 thoughts on “10/17

  1. Marianne Dogmanits says:

    Watching your blog!!! Where are we anyway??? Think hard when you go to the booth next month!! This is only the beginning. More and more of our freedoms lost every minute. Your mom looks great! Keep up the fight! You will never regret this.
    Hugs to you all.

    • Mark Smith says:

      You are definitely correct. We need universal health care so people like Linda are well cared for without bankrupting the family. If you think Linda is being treated well, vote for Romeny. If you think LInda deserves better, as I am sure we all do, then vote universal healthcare that Obama has introduced.

      I don’t mean to politicize your blog, Dana, but this is so important to our country and families run into an unfortunate health situation. Keep up the great work and continue to do what is right. F*** Bank of America and Aetna.

  2. Sherry Meck says:

    Did aetna appoint you a dedicated caseworker? If not ask for one.!

  3. James Baumann says:

    I can’t help but write something on this topic:

    As a Neuro Surgery Nurse, I can say that the only thing that needs to happen is that Linda needs uninterrupted rehab-related care in order for her to make progress. Any health care professional with basic training in clinical care of neuro patients (such as Linda) knows this. This care has been constantly interrupted by what I consider as the standard practice of health care insurers of saying “no”, as a method to bleed the affected families dry of any available resources to fight for what they are entitled… That is, the medical coverage for which the patient/family have ALREADY paid countless thousands of dollars into over the years prior to falling ill. It’s this kind of thing that created all the discussion in recent years about health care reform (which, let’s be honest, will never actually happen). And, while on that subject, the health care insurance lobby has been very effective in blocking any sort of real progress along these lines, thus, we will never see real change.

    Now, on to “this blog being monitored”… Last I checked, this was a free country (well, sort of anyway). If you are in possession of knowledge related to this case, you are free to share this with anyone you choose. The 1 and only entity that can demand otherwise is a Judge, and this can only be done via court order (which must be delivered to you before it’s really in effect). If someone at Bank of America or Aetna states otherwise, obtain information to identify that person for naming in the subsequent lawsuit (which I encourage you to begin to put together).

    This brings me to a special note, which I hope the BofA and Aetna thieves read:
    Dear B of A and Aetna: You are nothing more than custodians of money to pay into a policy, which provides medical coverage for Linda (the insured). Any prescriptions for patient care are up to the health care provider and, to become involved in the direction of this care is illegal on so many levels. Additionally, to instruct a United States citizen to say/not say something in a public forum (without a court order from a JUDGE) is also illegal on many levels. You would do well to not interfere in confidential medical matters and spend this energy / direct these resources to honoring your contractual agreements (failing to do so, also punishable within our barely functional legal system). Likewise, the resources dedicated (like always) to stalking patients and family could be put to better use doing what you agreed to in the first place. Failure to honor any part of your agreement should result in an immediate refund of any money paid into the policy since it went into effect. And the last thing I’ll say on this subject is that the money put into this lobby far surpasses what would be required to simply honor your agreements and would do wonders for your reputation overall.

    I feel the rage bubbling up inside of me so I’ll end this post here. I can’t promise that future rants will not be posted here. If someone at BorA or Aetna would like to violate my constitutional rights as well, you can reach me at my e-mail address posted here. Since I do not depend on what I consider any of you incompetent, dishonest, immoral corporate types, I’m not really concerned about anything you may have to say to me (unless it’s delivered in the form of a valid legal document). In order to ensure any potential interaction is productive, please first pull your head from your ass before reaching out to me.

    Thank you,
    Concerned Citizen

  4. Dana Miller says:

    I love ALL of your comments. I read each and every one of them over and over again! Thank you Marianne for the hugs and Mom is looking better! ☺ Thank you, Mark, and politicize the blog ANY time! I agree totally! I wish all parties could put the crap aside and work together to start treating people like people again and not like dollar signs. Fat chance of that happening. But I know that wether we are Obama fans, Romney fans – whatever, we can all see that this is wrong!! And James, I don’t know who you are, but I could just HUG you!! Thank you for taking the time to write. I agree with 100% of what you said and you reaffirmed why we are doing what we are doing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you all for your support. Keeps us going.

    • Sharon Creveling says:

      James… THANK YOU!!! We are all in this fight together and you have said, concisely and accurately, what I’ve been saying for far too long. THIS is why I quit my job to go back to law school to right the wrongs of the world. The fact that it’s happening to one of the most important people in my life is making me insane. We need more people like you to make a difference and STOP the lobbyists who care about nothing but putting more money in their own pockets. We, as a nation, need to stop this. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  5. Robin says:

    Standing O! I applaud you James. so please do, take a bow! Kudos!!!!!

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