What to Expect?!

Ok! Many of you ask me what to expect when you go to visit Mom! Well, you can expect her to recognize you immediately if she is awake! She remembers every one and every thing before July 15th, just as you and I would. Dates, events, faces…like nothing ever happened. It’s since the injury that she gets confused. She will probably be in her bed. She talks softly, not in her normal voice. She is very sleepy. She’s still funny, sarcastic and whitty! She’s confused sometimes – usually when sleepy. She knows if you are sad or crying, so for God sakes, stay strong and keep it together πŸ‘ She may feel like she has nothing to say, so play a game of cards, page through a magazine, color a picture, shoot the πŸ’©! If she’s in her chair, she will have a helmet on. But if she’s in bed, you will see her head. I’m going to attach a picture of her head from this weekend! It’s a very hard thing to look at – but I’d rather have you see it here and react, than in there and in front of her. So…here it is…


I hope this helps! If you want me to meet you there, give me a call and I’ll see what I can do! If you have a question or are worried about something, again, please give me a call! But please don’t forget about her! She needs the visitors to keep coming and get those sweet spirits of hers up! Thanks everyone! I’ll let you know how Wednesday goes!

And if anyone is looking for a great 4 wheel drive Jeep Liberty – just in time for winter ❄ please let me know πŸ˜‰


One thought on “What to Expect?!

  1. Robin says:

    That’s our beautiful Linda Lee!!! ❀ We'll be in this morning. I have new crayons!!! Crayola this time! None of this RoseArt stuff! =) Please give me details and pics for the Jeep and I'll share. Perhaps we'll see you this morning! xo

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