Hi friends!

Went to the Dr. today. Dustin and Aunt Sandy went we us! We waited fooooooorever! Hate THAT! But the good news is – Mom is getting her skull back in on the 29th! What a birthday present! 🎂🎉🎁👍💀LOL. She won’t have to wear that darn helmet at ALL right after that! They said she’s healed up great and this should be easy peasy! She even signed the docs herself! She will be in a few days because they are basically going to turn off her shunt and watch her. He thinks it may be over draining now. I’m no neuro surgeon but because of that hulking dent, I’ve been kinda thinking the same thing. This may be contributing to her headaches too so we shall see! Big day – 11/29. While there we also received more orders for rehab rehab rehab for another 6-8 weeks! 😉 Mom was in great spirits, pretty with it, but very tired by the time we had her back. We picked her up at 1:30 and she wasn’t back until almost 4!

Parkland Press called today! Meet with them on Friday! That’s fun! And don’t forget about the game on Friday! Volley for a Cause!! So looking forward to that!

Before I sign off and enjoy this awesome night with the kiddos – Mom’s Jeep is a 2005 with 52,000 miles on it. 4 wheel drive. Never missed an oil change. Momma didn’t clean it so much 😜 but took great care of it otherwise! 8,500. Please let us know if interested.

Have a great evening!!


One thought on “10/24

  1. Uncle Danny says:

    So glad she will have that done soon. It will be good for her spirit. Happy to hear about more REHAB, I think we all know she needs it and is improving each and every day. I will get a picture of the car and post it here at work. Have a good night. I am so HAPPY right now after this news!

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