Volley for a CAUSE is tonight! A little less than 3 hours! Woooot! I am so darn excited! Want to thank those of you coming tonight in advance! Can’t wait to see some old faces and how the night turns out! Will you all about it tomorrow 👊

Met with our new attorney today. He seems to know his stuff so I am anxious to see what comes of this. Still have to keep the details on the DL but Phoebe is being awesome and I am hoping for the best!! 💚

Another BFF came with me to visit Mom today! Thanks Shelly! Her face lit up when she saw her. I know it means so much to her 😉 and ME. Again, so lucky to be blessed with such amazing friends.

Then met with the Parkland Press! Kept the details out and told her we were working on some issues. She was sympathetic to that! She said that we should have the story on the 8th most likely! Things are looking up! Finally. Is that because they couldn’t get much lower? LOL. No – I feel good about the situation and things are slowly beginning to move forward! Very hopeful!

My Aunt/Cousins are coming to spend the night! Going to hand out candy and then take the little ones trick or treating! I’m excited to hear how that goes! Please be safe if this is what you are doing tonight as well! 🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻 And if those little whippersnappers ask for candy on your doorstep – make them use their darn manners 😜 Have a good one!


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