Hi friends and family!! Hope you have bread, milk and eggs! LOL!!

I owe Kutztown, my Coach, and the KU Woman’s Volleyball Team a HUGE thank you for Friday night. It was awesome!!!! I can’t believe all of the items that were raffled!! The donations that came pouring in blew my mind! The students, players, parents and coaches were so amazing. It was a wonderful night. I know it was a busy night for many but I was a little bummed at the turn out for Mom (meaning her family/friends), but what can you do. It was so good to watch a game see my brother and some old OLD friends 😜 and enjoy the fact that a town/university came together for a woman they don’t even know out of the goodness of their hearts. Mom would have been overwhelmed with the generosity of so many and extremely humbled, as I was. She was so excited when I told her about it. Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart 💚

Now be safe this week! It sounds like it is going to get a little crazy! Starting to think I should have taken this a little more seriously! 😬😮😳 Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! And thank you again, Coach and KU! What an awesome night. Xoxo


One thought on “10/28

  1. Sandy says:

    So sorry not to have gone to the game, but I qas visiting my sister

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