Hi friends!

Hope you are all safe, and warm this Sunday evening! That storm was a doozie! Sandy was one mad wench! She knocked down a tree onto Mom’s pool, as well as our power, cable and my spirits. It’s a shame it takes a storm like that to remind me what a spoiled brat I/we are. For some reason the storm or just one thing piling on another had me at the end of my rope. I was down in the dumps big time – but I’m back and ready to continue this never ending ordeal! 👊😉

Mom is doing so good. So proud of her. 👏 She stood for 5 minutes this week with minimal assistance! They even threw around the idea of attempting steps! She too, was down in the dumps during the storm. Bad weather seems to have a very negative effect on her (in my opinion). But for the most part shes been upbeat, happy, a smarty pants – the usual! As always, there is a lot going on. We are starting the appeal process for the decision to release her to ‘custodial care’ right now. We will see how that goes. And for the biggest news of all – we bought her a new house and sold her current house. This was the hardest decision ever, but I feel in my heart of heart (without a doubt) that this was 100% the correct thing to do. I am so excited about her new house and so is she. We had her there twice (once on Tuesday and once today). She even said that last night she couldn’t sleep because she was excited to go and see it again today. She’s memorized the address! I told her what was happening through this entire process and kept nothing a secret from her. I know many of you disagree with this decision and may not think this was the right thing to do – and if this is the case, bring your issues to me, not her. I want my Mom to continue to be excited about her new house and focus on getting better. That is it. If you want to know how or why this decision was made – I will be happy to explain it in detail. And finally, please don’t judge me until you’ve been in my shoes, because my family has given up our entire lives for the past 4 months and are 110% devoted to doing what we think is best for Mom because she deserves nothing less. Not a pro here. Not an expert. But doing the best I can. I would hope that everyone could see that. So although it will be very hard for everyone to leave this house and the millions of wonderful memories we all have made here – it is time to move forward. Email me for the address! I don’t want it on here cause you never know who reads this! I can’t wait to make this house hers and everything she deserves. She closes on both December 17th. And Steve Walden is the BEST realtor on Earth. I strongly recommend him for any real estate needs. He’s a great realtor and friend to this family. Thank you Steve!


If you see a copy of the story in the Patkland Press – please save me a copy! And we are so excited for the breakfast on the 11th! I just can’t think of anything else! Really looking forward to it! I asked Mom is she wanted to come again. I think the best thing to do is have the nurses get her ready at 9:30, send a car, and she can make the decision on the spot. It varies from day to day so we shall see. Also, please don’t forget the van is here for everyone and anyone to use. Please – it does wonders for her. It’s so easy. Even if you just go for a drive.

And FINALLY – thank you to my amazing husband. No one can imagine the toll this has taken on myself and my family. There are days when we can’t speak of anything else. We have no idea what is going to happen to us. There are days that I am a complete mess and I can’t even stand to be around myself! I could go on and on but I’m sure you can imagine! But Brent has stuck by me through it all. He has been the most supportive, understanding husband I could have ever asked for. He researches non-stop. He thinks about Mom and us constantly, even when he’s 1500 miles away. He’s never once questioned me or what we are still doing here or my love for my Mom. I love him now more than ever before and I couldn’t do this without him 💚 now you can puke. 😘 LOL!

Love you all and can’t wait to see many of you this weekend!


11 thoughts on “11/4

  1. melissa says:

    From a purely medical/rehab perspective, this place looks 1000% more accessible for her now & in the future than a bi-level with all those steps. I can’t imagine having to be making those decisions, but you have my vote for doing right by your mom!

  2. Angela Miller says:


    You have my support 100% and always will. Please don’t focus on those that don’t support your decisions. You are correct in saying that you have your mom’s recovery on your mind. You are doing what you feel is beat for your mom and no one should fault you on that. You didn’t ask for this mess and more than anything, you want your mom to recover and continue to grow strong. Keep your attention on her, as you are. I love you very much my friend. Xoxo

    • Diana Kelly says:

      Just want to second what Ang said! No one can imagine how hard this is until they’ve walked in your shoes. And a house is just that, a house. All that matters is the people in it! All that’s eternal is God and relationships (that most certainly excludes concrete and siding 🙂 Keep your head up! See you next week.

  3. Cc says:

    Aww, tear! U guys have been a true example of what unconditional love and a marriage is all about: through thick and thin! Very inspiring. Great update for your mom! Happy she is excited about her new house <3. Love the picture! I was missing these updates. Love you guys! Xoxo

  4. Tammy R says:

    I believe you make the best decisions you know how in this time, kudos to you and your family and as well as to your husband who is standing by you and supporting you. Linda has a wonderful family. God bless you all

  5. Laura Luca says:

    So excited for your Mom and her new house! Great job Dana!!!

  6. Uncle Danny says:

    Dana, the house looks GREAT!, I know Linda will truly LOVE it when she gets settled in, if you need any help moving,painting or anything PLEASE let me know. Sounds like Mom is still improving each day and I hope to see her at the breakfast. Love uncle Danny

  7. Joanne F. says:

    This has been a hard road for all. You are truely making the right decisions because they have always had your mom first! We support you 100 perecent and the house looks so cute she will love it……let me know what you need, help with the kids, packing, painting anything!

  8. Robin says:

    Dana, You are right. What you and the family are doing is what you think is the best. That’s all you CAN do. This whole thing is like walking in the dark with no lantern and one match most days. The decisions you had to make are something no one can appreciate until they have to do it themselves in real life. The responsibility that was giving to you legally was astronomical as you were completely blind-sided. The important thing is that Linda is in good hands and that everyone wants to see the best outcome for her, as well as keeping her dignity. Support and TRULY understanding is the main ingredient here. I’m happy to hear she is excited about the new place! I’m sure it will be better then ever with all the love and care that will go into her new “Home Sweet Home”. Congratulations!
    Love, Aunt Robin

  9. Dana Miller says:

    Thank you all so much! As in life, you can’t please 100% of the people 100% of the time. Everyone has different ideas of what is right for her but at the end of the day, I’m the one that needs to make that decision and its hard as hell! But I am so excited! The house just seems perfect! 2 driveways, a little garage, 3 bedrooms, huge unfinished basement for all of her stuff! AND it’s got the cutest little yard and is right across from an elementary school playground – She’s gonna love watching those kids! PLUS I got it for 15,000 less than asking! This will free up more money to make the house perfect perfect perfect! Will need lots of help so I will keep you all posted but thank you all so much!!! 🏡👍💜Max wants pudding for breakfast! What the! Gotta go 😜

    • Robin says:

      That’s OK! =) It’s got calcium!!! =) I had a peanut butter and jelly pita for breakfast! Have a wonderful day. I’ll be swing by later if you are there!

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