Antennas Anyone?

This is what my goofball of a brother did to my poor Mom tonight. LOL. 🐝And thanks for all of your ideas! Please keep them coming! πŸ’š Have a good night and GOOOO EAGLES!



4 thoughts on “Antennas Anyone?

  1. Robin says:

    LOL!!! Paybacks! That’s all I’m sayin’! I got her good today too with those “colored bunny tail” thingys. We called the green ones “moldy fuzzy balls”! We laughed!!! It’s amazing so simple can be so much fun! Glad you had a good night with her!

  2. Cc says:

    Hahahhaha!! Cutest lol caterpillar I ever did see! πŸ˜‰

  3. Uncle Danny says:

    When she gets outta there you better HIDE…………………. just saying!

  4. Dana Miller says:

    Bahahaaaa! He’s in big trouble!! LOL.

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