Hi friends! Hope you are all well! Just a real quick update cause I’m in the middle of potty training my boy! Goooooood times! I’ll tell ya 😉 OK! Mom didn’t have a cat scan today! Must of made that up! She did have a check up with her neurosurgeon and all systems are a go to get her skull in her noggin on the 29th! There is a super slight chance that they can’t use that skull. We will know the day of (before they open her up). Will be in the hospital for 1-3 days. Mom was not in the best spirits but still as adorable as ever! Said she was glad she had her helmet on cause of my driving! LOL!! My CT scan for tomorrow was cancelled. 😡 Having troubles scheduling my own! Any help or pointers would be great. Need an MRA?! Who knows. Moms new house seems to have some structural issues! Gonna have an engineer check it out on Thursday as well as a contractor to give estimates (just estimates) on all the things our handicapped remodel specialist chick addressed. Ummm. What else?! Brother and SIL coming over to help out with some packing tomorrow! Scheduled a POD to be delivered here in December 6th which gives us to a of time to load it up – will be dropped off at the new place on the 17th, where it will remain until January 6th (month rentals) permitting we get the structural issues addressed (GOD I hope it’s better than it seems – I gotta get a break here!). And gonna go to yet, another attorney, friday, to see if we can work some additional issues out! Holy smokes! Pleaaaaasssssse tell me there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Breakfast STILL on my mind! Gaaaah! What an AwEsOmE day!!! Thank you ALL!! Xoxo. Good night. LB just passed a little gas, bare butted, waaaaay to close for comfort! Gonna see if we can make that productive so I can jump around, scream, sing and dance like a circus clown. 😜😜😜 Have a good one!!


One thought on “11/13

  1. Jen slifer says:

    I’ve been told I should wear a helmet when you drive too 😉
    So glad to hear she is all on track to get her head back to one peice, I feel like this is the missing peice yet to her next level of recovery!
    P.s. i have found & heard naked butt is the best potty trainer, that and a huge bag of M&M’s. i have now started 1 or 2 m&m’s for attempt and 4 for a success!!! Yes i do ahuge chear & dance as well hahahaha i hope no one can really see into our living room since we have a kiddo potty there too 😉
    See you in the AM

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