I forgot!

Hi again! I forgot to mention that if/when you visit Mom, there is a black book in her room for visitors. Please fill it out! Her speech therapist is working on her memory/cognition. There is a ‘word of the day’ she is supposed to remember in there each day. And if you jot down that you did visit and what you talked about, the speech therapist (Robin – I love her) will go over who was there and what was talked about, every single day. She asked me to pass this along. She also asked me to mention to please leave (sorry – sounds harsh) if Mom is very tired. She spoke with Mom numerous times and Mom confided in her that she does get very tired and feels bad sleeping while visitors are there. The ques to looks for: does she look tired (duh πŸ˜‰). Is she staring off into space suddenly or not responding/slower to respond. Did she say she was tired on her own or when asked! Is she yawning? How long were you there…you guys are all smart! If she is tired, please give her time to rest. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit, you have to run our if she yawns or you shouldn’t go in if she is sleeping. It just means if you’ve been there awhile, and she seems kinda tired/says she is tired, please let her get some rest! Promised I would pass this info along! Thanks guys! You ALL are wonderful!!!! I mean it!! We love each and every one of you! And PLEASE keep those visits coming! They mean SO much for her spirits! And the Jeep is still here! Down to 6,000! Please let me know if you are interested. Would love to sell it as soon as possible! It really is a great car. πŸš™ ❄Thanks again and GOOD NIGHT πŸŒ™β­


3 thoughts on “I forgot!

  1. Jen slifer says:

    Dana, can you txt or email me all the details on the car? Yr/mileage, etc… I will put this on the list as well to get selling πŸ™‚
    Maybe we can at least get bluebook, I didnt look it up but Dustin mentioned something like $7,500… I dont put up w hagglers either. You want the item or not πŸ˜‰
    Again see you tomorrow!

  2. Steph says:

    Good Morning Dana,

    I have a check here for your mom’s rehab fund. Where should I send it to?


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