TGIF friends! Today was a bitter sweet day! Met with the Area Agency on Aging today. That was ok. Just trying to get some idea of what the future is going to look like. Not only for Mom but for us! It is time to try to figure out our lives now – seeing as we just passed the 4 month anniversary of this debacle! We then went and met with a super grumpy yet adorable attorney and he is going to set up a ‘Special Needs Trust’ for Mom. What this is, is a trust which 3rd parties (aka donations) can put money into and Medicare/Medicaid/Uncle Sam can’t take! It’s pretty cool actually! So in the future, any check made out to me can be put into this account. It is a much better option than a sock drawer or floor boards which we were seriously considering 😉 So it was productive for Mom an things continue to look up for her! Also visited Mom and danced like Michael Jackson (complete with Moon walking and grabbing body parts) which she seemed to enjoy! Hooo! Was glad Brent was home to do all of this running around with me. 💚 I then scheduled an MRA of my brain tomorrow at 1:00 PM so I’m 💩 bricks about that! Hope they find something in there 😜 and then…we called a realtor and friend to put our home in Texas on the market. So, we are selling not only our home, but all of it’s contents. We feel like it is time. Great. Bawling a-freaking-gain. This is SO so so hard. Suddenly Texas seems like the best place ever 😢😥😂😭 or maybe it was just the sense of normal associated with it?! Maybe it was the place where the 2 of us became 4 and brought our beautiful babies home to. I don’t know. All I know is that it was really becoming home. I was making great friends. Falling in love with this city. Really making the best of it. BUT as with every place we’ve moved so far, as soon as it feels like home, it’s time to go. We just don’t see how we can leave this area with all of my responsibilities and Moms situation. What that means for us? I don’t know. But right now, if anyone is looking for one helluva house in Duncanville (right outside of Dallas) please let me know! 😔 So! That is that! Please…wish ME luck tomorrow. Not sure how I’m gonna sleep! Ahhhhhhh!!!! And have a great weekend!! Gonna spend LOTS of time with my family and I am hoping for LOTS of love and laughter! Xoxo


5 thoughts on “11/16

  1. Cc says:

    ( I think I lost my first comment) anyway, so many mixed emotions in this email that tug at those heart strings! :/ im confident that one day u will look back and think: “now I see why everything played out the way it did” God has a plan! Trust and have faith in the good he wants for u in ur life ahead. I’ve had my brain scanned. The worst part is the tube they shove u in. You will be just fine when it’s over! Pray and have faith!! Good things to come SIL love u!!!

  2. Marianne Dogmanits says:

    Thinking of you always and wishing you only good things!

  3. sally slifer says:

    Your posts always put life in perspective for me and make me stop immediately and say a prayer for your family, and of course always shed a few tears! Thanks for the continued updates. love you!

  4. Mary C says:

    Dana, You are in my prayers. My mom is 81 and has been in a nursing home for the past two months, we moved her yesterday to Atria, Assisted Living, temporary, so I know somewhat you are dealing with ( as far as medicare, insurances, rehab, etc. )…It is difficult, sad, trying.. but nothing compared to what you, your family, & your mother are going thru. You , your mom, your husband, brother, sister in law, & entire family are amazing. Sorry you have to leave Texas, but like you said, you have good memories. On another note, the sun is shining today:) so I hope you have a chance to go outside with your beautiful children and enjoy. God Bless You:)

  5. Dana Miller says:

    Thank you all so much for your wonderful words of encouragement. I really appreciate you taking the time and it really helps to hear that we are being thought of and prayed for 💚 Thanks again!

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