Brain Scan!

Check! It wasn’t a big deal like I thought it would be! Thanks for all of the texts, emails, prayers and thoughts!! My head was strapped into a football helmet thinger and it took a out 30 minutes! Got a disc with the pictures and should hear the results Monday or Tuesday! Easy Peasy! Tricky part will be sleeping until I hear the results! It was just a preventive thing recommended for my brother, myself and our kids! Please – don’t panic. Will be anxiously awaiting the results! Not the best visit with Mom today. Didn’t remember anything from yesterday. Nothing! And she isn’t eating, so she needs to work on that. Started to have to use her feeing tube 😞 but on a plus note – I had a super day with the family and have high hopes for tomorrow too! Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! 💚



3 thoughts on “Brain Scan!

  1. Marianne Dogmanits says:

    I would freak! In fact I did once when they tried to do a MRI of my brain. But then again you know they always say nurses are the worst patients. Your little man looks like a little boy in a commercial. Of course I can’t remember the commercial. He is sitting in a booth with his dad?? When I see it again I will have to take note.

  2. Uncle Danny says:

    Great pic of the kids and you, LOVE the smiles. Sorry to hear Linda had a bad day yesterday, We are going to visit her today or tomorrow. Hang in there you are doing a great job!!! So sorry you all Have to go through all this! Still can’t believe it.Love ya!

  3. Dana Miller says:

    Thanks guys. If you think of the commercial let me know. And Uncle Danny – I can’t believe it EITHER! I don’t know when it will all sink in! But thanks for your kind words. Means a lot. Xoxo. Hope you have a good day tomorrow. 💚

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