Sorry to make this about me again – BUT – my brain IS there and looks good! 🙏 Thank goodness!! I was super relieved to hear that tonight (the good part).☺Mom was in super great spirits today! Didn’t get the word of the day without prompting. She told me she said it and I needed to pay attention, actually! Little trickster! My bro also said she did awesome at therapy too so that’s always great to hear! Oh! And we are in a bit of trouble. Please do NOT feed Mom anything right now. If you bring it in, the speech therapist needs to know about it. Having a few setbacks with eating. I know everyone’s intensions are in the right place – it’s just that they are counting calories and are keeping a close eye on her nutrition/intake so we need to let them do their job for a hot second. Hopefully it will be business as usual soon 👍 And finally! If you are planning on stopping by her party in Sunday the 25th at 5:00PM please respond to this in some small way so I can do some sort of guesstimate 🎉🎈🎊🎁🎂🍦 Thank you friends! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! What a pleasant fall its been! Lots of ☀! I’ll take it! Good night!


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