Hi everyone! Loved the ❄ today!! Max was looking out the window the entire day! It was beautiful! Anyway! Moms Birthday is tomorrow! 58!! And before I forget – THANK YOU to all that came to her Birthday!! Really really appreciate it 😉 She has a Dr. appointment for medical clearance (which I didn’t know needed to be done 😡) tomorrow at 11:20. And then, her surgery is still scheduled for Thursday! Won’t have a time until tomorrow night! She has high expectations for this surgery and seems excited. I get worried because everyone keeps telling her how wonderful everything will be after her surgery so I hope she isn’t disappointed – but no matter what, she will be so happy to never have to wear that horrible helmet again!! 👍

Heard from the contractor today. Finally! He seems reasonable and said he can get it done by mid to end January like I was hoping – as long as the house is empty. Meaning no one living there. Which means we will be ‘homeless’ sooner than we thought 😔 I haven’t quite figured out what to do about that yet. I was bummed we don’t have a 🎄 but this freaks me out even more. And our home in Texas is on track to be on the market as early as the end of next week. My father in law was there yesterday and said the pool is green but other than that all is well! Phew! One way or another it will all work out. Thank goodness the kids are so small because this would be really awful for them. 🙏

Other than that – things are well! Mom is picking her own menu and is happy about that! Seems to be eating better (for the most part)! I am sure she is ready to get this surgery over with, as am I. Will be sure to keep you all updated. And before I go, just a reminder – she is still her. Please don’t treat her like an old lady!! She is still a hip little lady in her 50’s! It’s weird, I know, but the Linda Lee we all know and love is still in there 😉 Thanks guys!!! You are all the best. And thank you for not forgetting about us and keeping us all in your thoughts and prayers. Helps us all make it through!! Good night! Xo


One thought on “11/27

  1. Jen slifer says:

    I’ve been thinking of you guys & christmas & wondering what you guys were doing but didnt want to make things more sad. Please let us know what we can do to help, if you need a place, anything. Know you are always welcome here 🙂 if you want me to help call temp furnished apartments, anything!! A lot is going on we just need to know how to assist & help 🙂
    Any dates on painting yet? You might be waiting until after the holidays & less craziness, not sure.
    Have a good nite & thanks for the update we were going to see her tomorrow but now know that timeframe is out unless you would like us to take her ?
    Sweet dreams!

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