December 1st!! Already!!

Good evening! I think I am just finally getting over my hangover! πŸ˜‰ But it was worth it and I had a wonderful night with these girls and our husbands! Complete with fire, bicycles built for two and tackling! No wonder I’m sore today! LOL.



Had another awesome visit with Mom today. I don’t know what is going on! She is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! She’s hilarious!! She is a bit nuttier than before I feel like, but she’s also clearer at the same time. I know it doesn’t make sense but I can’t explain it! She is so funny though! And positive and upbeat! I’m thrilled!! But wacky (Aunt Sandy used that word and its perfect)! I tell her that her filter is broken though because you just have no idea what is going to fly out of her mouth next! LOL! I’ll take it! All of it! I’d rather have funny and nutty than depressed and nutty πŸ‘ so that’s that! She is doing so well! Dr. Campbell is pleased and said things look better than he though after reviewing her tests this morning. SO she was moved upstairs to the 7th floor! She will remain there until Monday or Tuesday when she will return to Phoebe. It has been so great seeing all of her old nurses! My favorite (and you know who you are πŸ’š) told Mom that she is one of her 3 miracles. Out of all of the patients she’s had, Mom was one of the closest to death (I think she said top 2?). She said she was right at the doorstep. You should have seen Moms face! And of course, I was crying AGAIN! Never cried this month in my LIFE! She said cases/people like Mom are the reason she does what she does because its such a depressing unit but people like Mom keep her going. Awww. Ok. Enough.

In the main entrance, take the elevators to the 2nd floor. 703 bed A. Not sure about visiting hours or anything because I was there before she was moved! Brent’s Aunt Vick stopped in to see her today. It was a great surprise πŸ’š! Have a wonderful rest of you weekend!!

Ps – I sold the Jeep, found a foster for Paco and need advice as to what to do with her cat! She has a crazy outdoor/indoor cat. Do you think someone can foster her and is it realistic to take her to her new home in the city and let her out? She hates to be inside. Help!! 😼And as always…thanks!


One thought on “December 1st!! Already!!

  1. Marci Nagle says:

    Hey girlie,

    Had such a good time that night but I agree I was a bit hungover and a little sore the next day. TOTALLY WORTH IT! Love Ya!

    P.S. I am finally following!!!!

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