Last Question!!

Sorry!!! I have a quick question. My Mom got laid off on Friday. Does anyone know what this means for her? Has anyone ever know someone laid off while on disability? Just one more thing to deal with. Any advice/help/pointers would be awesome. Thanks!!


2 thoughts on “Last Question!!

  1. Marianne Dogmanits says:

    Think the answer is yes, they just can’t hire someone else to replace you.

  2. Kim Phillips says:

    Is she covered under FMLA???? If not sure, contact your attorney or you can contact the pa dept of labor and industry they will have that info you need! I do not think they can d o that, I had to go under FMLA for Savannah and it insured i had a job once she was cleared but may not mean the same job but a job! the website for labor and industry is:! Good luck!

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