Hi every one. Mom is not moving today. When I went in to see what was happening with all of this – they told me she had an ‘episode’ last night. They thought she was having a seizure because her right side was shaking and she wasn’t responding to well. I said she shakes her right side all of the time and asked if she was slow to respond because it was the middle of the darn night. But noooooooo. We need more cat scans and EKG’s which I am sure are going to come back fine. This is where it gets annoying. Paying 350 a day and wasting time she could be rehabbing. But I guess it’s to make sure everything is a-ok! It just seems once she’s in the hospital, that she never leaves!!! Hopefully tomorrow. Mom is fine by the way. She was a little more confused than normal but told me she was super sleepy, so I’m gonna chalk it up to that! Have a great day! Writing out my Christmas cards with my little monkey while big bro takes a nice long nap! Really getting in the Christmas spirit! Or trying to 😉 xo


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