Big MOVE today! Mom is heading to Phoebe. They are arranging transport for a stretcher though at 3:30. I told them that I have a handicapped vehicle, however, they don’t ‘trust’ her in a wheelchair and want to her to arrive ‘safely’. Really? Not me! What’s another couple hundred BUCKS. But at least she’s going back. Dr. Campbell appeals Aetnas decision and they still aren’t approving her to go back to Phoebe. The lady said she thought it was a sure thing and just can not believe it. At this point, I don’t even know what to do. Seriously. I’m so annoyed with insurance, Bank of America, Aetna – I’m still waiting on an appeal from October. Unbelievable. Did I already mention this? But any-who. The POD is here. Kids think its the biggest fort ever 👍 so that’s a bonus. Brent’s Mom, Dad and Aunt and Uncle are coming to help us pack up this weekend! So nice of them!! 💚

Just need to thank my Dad and Aunt Joanne again. I couldn’t do it without them. It seems like they are the same ones that have been helping me every day from the very beginning. Never complain or make me feel like I’m a burden or question why I need them – they just get ‘it’ and are always here when I need them! Lucky to have you two! Thank you for all you do so I can help my Mom! She’s done so much for so many and I believe that is a little bit of the reason you are so willing to help, paybacks!! 😘😘 Love you both so much!

And finally, I’m trying not to get overly excited but we have a re-showing of our house on Saturday! Gahhhhh. Selling that house would be a Christmas MIRACLE! Fingers crossed! 🏡🙏🎄

Have a great day my friends!


One thought on “12/6

  1. Matt says:

    Thanks Dana I’m glad to help I known Lin would do it for me! Love dad

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